DCDW Luncheon Scheduled

The Membership Drive luncheon for Douglas County Democratic Women will be held at the Carson Valley Inn (1627 US Hwy 395 N, Mindon) on March 7, 2011.

11:oo AM ….. Registration
12:00 PM ….. Lunch and Speaker:  Jill Derby — How Far We Have Come / How Far We Have to Go
01:30 PM ….. Adjourn

$18.00 by reservation deadline / $20.00 at the Door

Jill will trace the progress of the women’s movement over the past four decades and will talk specifically about two areas of progress:  “Microfinance—Pulling Women Out of Poverty” and “Sex Trafficking—Losing Ground.”

Please RSVP via email with Katherine Winans by Noon on Thursday, March 3, 2010, or give her a call at 775-267-0539.  When making your RSVP, please note any dietary restrictions you may have which will need accommodation.

Raffle Tickets for the Scholarship fund will be available for sale at this event.  We will also be collecting for the DC Backpack Buddies.  Bring any food and your accumulated soap, etc from your travels.  We will hold our famous Raffle.  And lastly … don’t forget to bring your your wine corks for recycling.

Please remember that a reservation made is a reservation that must be paid.  We have to pay for your entree whether you attend and eat that lunch or not.


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