State Dems Introduce Their Budget Proposal

From Steven Horsford, NV Senate Majority Leader:

Since the start of the legislative session in February, we’ve heard weeks and weeks of testimony about how to fix the state’s budget. Today, the Democratic leadership introduced a budget approach that makes the fundamental changes we need to fund and reform education, promote job creation, and position Nevada for success in the years to come.

In a continuing effort to find a responsible middle ground, the Democratic budget proposal offers a balanced approach. It reforms our 1950s tax code to promote job creation and build an educational system and workforce for our 21st century economy. It requires a significant reduction in total spending from 2009 levels, and tough cuts are recommended. But it redesigns our revenue streams to be stable, and it positions Nevada for long-term success.

We must face our future with courage and competence. It will be hard, but now is our chance to make lasting, systemic changes for current and future generations.

I hope you will take a moment to call your legislators right now. Ask them to be a part of the compromise solution. You can reach us and find your legislator by calling the main number at 800-995-9080. You can also find your legislator and his or her contact information on the legislative website.

Thank you for making your voice heard!

Steven Horsford

P.S. You can find a complete Power Point presentation laying out the state’s finances and explaing the plan at

NOTE: It is critically important for school board members and K-12 advocates to continue delivering the message in opposition to the proposal to sweep the debt service reserve funds. Although on Tuesday afternoon the Joint K-12 Subcommittee voted in opposition to the Governor’s recommendation on that budget piece, more votes are needed to support that position. Please continue talking with legislators when they are home for the weekend and/or making calls to their offices in Carson City.


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