It’s like the Roaring ’20s if you’re a corporate CEO these days, reports the New York Times in a special report on skyrocketing CEO pay.

Here’s the numbers you need to know:

$10.8 MILLION…the median salary of a CEO in 2010 at 200 large companies

It will take the average worker ($39,000 per year) 277 years to earn $10.8 million.  

23 PERCENT…the increase in CEO salaries between 2009 and 2010

38 PERCENT…the increase in cash bonuses between 2009 and 2010

Heaven forbid CEOs should have to pay 3% more in income tax. Their world will crumble and they will no longer be able to create jobs. 

We can’t have that can we???  So, where have all the jobs gone since they were given their tax breaks in 2001? Where did our prosperity go???  Other than the  already very rich who already own most of the country’s wealth?

0.5 PERCENT…the increase in the average worker’s salary ($752 a week – $39,104 a year) during the same time period, which the New York Times dryly notes actually means a net decrease for workers once inflation is figured in.


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