Douglas County Democrats Proudly Support Backpack Buddies

It’s a sad fact that about 250 Douglas County kids do not have enough food on weekends because their families are homeless or very needy.  Douglas County Democrats are helping make sure these children get necessary food through the support of the Douglas County Backpack Buddies Consortium.  This organization is volunteer based and currently provides weekend food to eight Carson Valley schools.

Both financial and food donations are needed as these programs are totally supported by the community: local businesses, community organization and individuals, says Backpack Buddies Programs chair Lin Larson.

The way it works: Children are screened by their school counselor/nurse and each Friday are given backpacks filled with nonperishable food items that will nourish them throughout the weekend.

Douglas Democrats have donated both food and money to the program for the past two years, but contributions are always needed and welcomed. Monetary donations are preferred so that food can be purchased from the Food Bank of Northern Nevada at reduced rates and this form of donations allows for inventory control.   Items on the Product Shopping List are always appreciated, Lin Larson says. People can also help by spreading the word about the need.

For information on how to contribute cash or food, please contact Lin Larson, Chair at

1295 Bridle Way, Minden, NV 89423
267-6737 or

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Suggested” Shopping List

THINK: Nutrition – Size – Weight
when purchasing items

Individual Servings of

– Tuna or chicken, canned or pouch
– Chili, ravoli, pork n beans, canned
– Macaroni & Cheese, boxed
– Easy Mac, microwave
– Rice a Roni
– Vegetables, canned
– Juice, 100% fruit, individual boxed
– Soup, canned
– Fruit, canned
– Fruit or applesauce cups
– Oatmeal, individual packets
– Cereal, individual serving boxes
– Cocoa, individual packets
– Popcorn, microwave
– Snacks:
– Raisins, individual boxes
– Nuts, trail mix –variety packets
– Crackers & cheese or Peanut
butter snacks
– Pudding snack packs
– Granola bars
– Chips, cookies, individual


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