Rove in Nevada

Dear Friends:

The GOP has set its sights on defeating Kate Marshall’s bid for Congress. Karl Rove and Rovian tactics are being put into play and they’re using huge amounts of money to back their agenda.

From the Marshall campaign:

“Yesterday the NRCC started airing their second attack ad and if you can believe it’s even more dishonest than their last– another indication that the GOP sees our path to victory as clearly as we do.  Since the NRCC previewed the Wednesday, several reporters have already called it out as false and just last night Jon Ralston called it “patently false” and “utterly misleading,” on his show that airs across Nevada. We need that $3,635 more in donations so we can continue to stay up strong on the air and win on September 13.

The NRCC’s ad is a complete joke and as I referred to above, even before the ad began to air, both the Las Vegas Sun and the Reno Gazette-Journal reported it was based on bogus GOP “research.”   We need your supporters to make those grassroots contributions of $100, $50, $25 or anything they can afford so we can reach our goal of $15,000 by midnight tonight. Every last dollar counts at this point and you know our efficient and strategic campaign operations allow us to do more with our resources.

Yesterday, Amodei went to DC to raise money from more special interest groups.”

From Emily’s List:

“Karl Rove is back. As if the Tea Party’s efforts in Nevada aren’t enough, now Rove is flooding the state with hundreds of thousands of dollars to support a right-wing, conservative agenda. And defeating Kate Marshall, the EMILY’s List-endorsed pro-choice Democratic candidate in Nevada’s 2nd congressional district, is within his sights.

Her opponent, right-wing state legislator Mark Amodei? He’s already aligned himself with the Tea Party, threatening not to support any plan to raise the debt ceiling, which could put our fragile economy at grave risk.”

Marla Turner, NSDP Secretary


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