Nevada Clips 8.14-17.2011

Nevada Clips 8.17.11


  • 08/14—RJ- GOP women seeking a path to political leadership, change-LINK
  • 08/14—LV Sun- National GOP tries to seize control of Medicare debate-LINK
  • 08/14—LV Sun- Super PACs’ new playground: 2012-LINK
  • 08/14—AP- Ex-Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty ends White House bid-LINK
  • 08/14—RGJ- We’ll hear from all 4 candidates at VFW-News 4 congressional debate-LINK
  • 08/14—AP- GOP race jolted with straw poll, Rick Perry entry-LINK
  • 08/14—RJ- Special congressional election underwhelms voters-LINK
  • 08/15—RJ- Reid doesn’t think much of Romney-LINK
  • 08/16—RJ- Board agrees to ask Legislature to cover special election costs-LINK
  • 08/16—RJ- Amodei says he’d push to raise Medicare reimbursement rates-LINK
  • 08/16—RJ- Influential Republicans enter congressional fray-LINK
  • 08/16—LV Sun- Nevada GOP hasn’t kicked into caucus mode — yet-LINK
  • 08/16—RGJ- Mark Amodei learned lessons in responsibility from high school hoops-LINK
  • 08/16—RGJ- Mentor, Peace Corps changed Kate Marshall’s path in life-LINK
  • 08/16—RGJ- Lesson in compassion from son for Helm Lehmann: ‘Everyone is fighting a battle’-LINK
  • 08/16—AP- Shelley Berkley launches Nevada jobs tour-LINK
  • 08/16—AP- State board OKs Nevada special election costs-LINK
  • 08/16—AP- Obama’s approval ratings in lowest level ever in latest Gallup poll-LINK
  • 08/16—Nevada News Bureau- State Board OKs $539K To Pay Counties For Costs Of Running Special CD2 Election-LINK
  • 08/17—RJ- Berkley begins voyage for jobs-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- Has Perry’s cowboy shtick already gone too far?-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- Presidential contenders compete for endorsements from Nevada powerbrokers-LINK
  • 08/17—AP- Shelley Berkley focuses on Medicare, jobs in Senate race-LINK
  • 08/17—RGJ- Fact Checker: Is a chart of the ‘top 20 raises’ for Obama White House staffers accurate?-LINK
  • 08/17—RGJ- Amodei tops the ballot for 2nd District special election-LINK
  • 08/17—AP- Bachmann wishes Elvis happy birthday on death date-LINK
  • 08/17—AP- Bill Clinton backs Kate Marshall in her bid for the Congressional District 2 seat-LINK


  • 08/15—RJ- Las Vegans look back as House scraps student pages-LINK


  • 08/14—RJ- TV goes dark-LINK
  • 08/14—RJ- Reid expects Tea Party to fade away-LINK
  • 08/14—RJ- The plight of Nevada’s entry-level workers-LINK
  • 08/14—RJ- Time to get rid of every last incumbent-LINK
  • 08/14—RJ- Is this any way to run a bus service?-LINK
  • 08/14—RJ- Another blow against Obamacare-LINK
  • 08/14—RJ- Close the Department of Education-LINK
  • 08/14—RJ- Round 2 of federal budget battle begins-LINK
  • 08/14—RJ- Threat to business can’t be ignored-LINK
  • 08/14—RJ- Sandoval: Nevadans can take pride in their troops — and offer much-appreciated support-LINK
  • 08/14—RJ- Digitizing medical records will create tech jobs, advocates say-LINK
  • 08/14—LV Sun- Sandoval:Reforms vital for Nevada education-LINK
  • 08/14—LV Sun- Teapublicans impede nation’s recovery-LINK
  • 08/14—LV Sun- GOP position ignores history, common sense-LINK
  • 08/14—LV Sun- Social Security mischaracterized in Washington-LINK
  • 08/14—LV Sun- Nation needs leaders who can get beyond their party and find solutions-LINK
  • 08/14—LV Sun- Why real change in America will take courage-LINK
  • 08/14—RGJ- Editorial: Department split sets back critical consolidation effort-LINK
  • 08/14—RGJ- Editorial: Mussels’ threat to Lake Tahoe is real-LINK
  • 08/14—RGJ- Irresponsible decisions will burden our youth-LINK
  • 08/14—RGJ- Candidates: Stand up to parties’ extremists-LINK
  • 08/14—RGJ- Vision of what heaven looks like to the GOP-LINK
  • 08/14—RGJ- Polls demonstrate that there’s no ‘new normal’-LINK
  • 08/14—RGJ- Don’t send a back-room operator to Washington-LINK
  • 08/14—RGJ- Daryl Drake: Community Compact will raise awareness of the importance of graduation-LINK
  • 08/14—Nevada Appeal- Economic campaign promotes doing business in Nevada-LINK
  • 08/14—Nevada Appeal- Summit opportunity to talk Tahoe transportation-LINK
  • 08/15—RJ- Constant mutiny-LINK
  • 08/15—RJ- Reducing the deficit by increasing spending?-LINK
  • 08/15—LV Sun- Can spending cuts really spur growth?-LINK
  • 08/15—LV Sun- Tea Party leaders actually listen to their constituents-LINK
  • 08/15—LV Sun- Liberals pushing confrontations-LINK
  • 08/15—LV Sun- Democratic voters must stop sitting out elections-LINK
  • 08/15—RGJ- Democrats didn’t want to compromise before-LINK
  • 08/15—RGJ- Send true nonpartisan to Congress this year-LINK
  • 08/15—RGJ- Let’s stop squabbling, demonizing each other-LINK
  • 08/15—RGJ- Tea party is doing what voters wanted it to do-LINK
  • 08/17—RJ- EDITORIAL: President for tax hikes after opposing them-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- LETTER: Let’s get serious about shared sacrifice in U.S.-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- LETTER: Putting to rest a false premise about taxes-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- EDITORIAL: Appellate court gets it wrong by invalidating a portion of health care reform law-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- STEVE HILL: Economic development not a one-man job-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- LETTER: Social Security is not an entitlement; we paid for it-LINK
  • 08/17—RGJ- EDITORIAL: Cooperation is the only way to protect Tahoe’s clarity-LINK
  • 08/17—RGJ- LETTER: Bad time for Congress to go away on vacation-LINK
  • 08/17—RGJ- LETTER: Research your options to voting for the ‘liars’-LINK
  • 08/17—RGJ- LETTER: They should be paid only if they perform-LINK
  • 08/17—RGJ- LETTER: GOP’s plan benefits only insurance firms-LINK
  • 08/17—RGJ- RON PENROSE: Boat inspections are an inconvenience but a must for our water quality-LINK
  • 08/17—RGJ- ROCHELLE NASON: Lake Tahoe’s shoreline must be protected-LINK
  • 08/17—RGJ- DARYL DRAKE: Community Compact will raise awareness of the importance of graduation-LINK
  • 08/14—RJ- Cantor takes its time to file suit-LINK
  • 08/14—RJ- Experts say proposed Ivanpah airport could become cargo base-LINK
  • 08/14—LV Sun- If Boyd Gaming owes $20 million for comped meals, imagine industry total-LINK
  • 08/14—AP- FBI: Mortgage fraud still prevalent, hard to catch-LINK
  • 08/15—RJ- Residents fear a new Nevada mine will kill tourism-LINK
  • 08/15—LV Sun- Berns: Nevada’s been plagued by the recession. A little mercy, please?-LINK
  • 08/15—LV Sun- Wynn tip sharing dispute aired again in court-LINK
  • 08/16—RJ- Cosmopolitian reports $54 million loss in second quarter-LINK
  • 08/16—RJ- MGM Resorts says it will demolish Harmon Tower-LINK
  • 08/16—RJ- Sales of new homes slipping-LINK
  • 08/16—RJ- Future waits at Binion’s-LINK
  • 08/16—RJ- Stetson’s Saloon and Casino files for bankruptcy protection-LINK
  • 08/16—RJ- Station Casinos reports increased profits, revenue-LINK
  • 08/16—LV Sun- As Las Vegas gaming companies see gains, stock market brings uncertainty-LINK
  • 08/16—LV Sun- Riviera owner reports second-quarter loss-LINK
  • 08/16—LV Sun- Spending data brings good news for Southern Nevada-LINK
  • 08/16—LV Sun- Strip development ongoing, but it looks different-LINK
  • 08/16—LV Sun- Struggling Las Vegas contractor continues service work-LINK
  • 08/16—LV Sun- MGM Resorts seeks to demolish CityCenter’s Harmon Hotel-LINK
  • 08/16—LV Sun- Entertainment ventures are the new development on the Strip-LINK
  • 08/16—RGJ- Special report: CommRow project boulders into downtown Reno-LINK
  • 08/16—AP- United States factory output in July rose by most since March-LINK
  • 08/16—AP- MGM Resorts seeks OK to demolish Vegas hotel tower-LINK
  • 08/16—Tahoe Bonanza- Northern Nevada business: Low-profile bus tours important to casinos-LINK
  • 08/16—Tahoe Bonanza- Lake Tahoe Summit opportunity to talk transportation, official says-LINK
  • 08/17—RJ- Nevada children hurting-LINK
  • 08/17—RJ- Gaming industry giant Terry Lanni celebrated-LINK
  • 08/17—RJ- Survey ranks Las Vegas best place to buy home-LINK
  • 08/17—RJ- Margaritaville Casino taking applications for 250 jobs-LINK
  • 08/17—RJ- Domestic sales dip hurts profits for gaming hardware maker-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- Terry Lanni remembered for his friendship, business acumen-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- Weird conventions fuel Las Vegas economy-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- Strip resort, Carl Icahn company settle dispute over ‘Tropicana’ use-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- Margaritaville Casino to hire 250 workers-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- Sales of new homes weigh on Las Vegas housing market-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- Firm: Las Vegas home prices will hit bottom in late 2012-LINK
  • 08/17—AP- Core wholesale inflation up most in 6 months in the United States-LINK
  • 08/17—AP- Fitch Ratings keeps US at top credit rating-LINK
  • 08/17—Tahoe Bonanza-Market Pulse: The stocks I ‘prefer’-LINK


  • 08/14—RJ- WEEK IN REVIEW: Reporters’ notebook-LINK
  • 08/14—RJ- WEEK IN REVIEW: Top News-LINK
  • 08/14—LV Sun- SEIU butting heads with county over ‘take-aways-LINK
  • 08/14—RGJ- Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval’s visit to the war zone … long days, no cold water and the knowledge ‘I might get shot at’-LINK
  • 08/15—RJ- Critics claim arbitration limits rights-LINK
  • 08/16—RJ- More kiosks could shorten Nevada DMV lines-LINK
  • 08/16—RJ- Spending on lobbying Nevada Legislature declines-LINK
  • 08/16—LV Sun- AG still studying whether state should honor Clark County’s demand for return of looted money-LINK
  • 08/16—AP- Nevada board approves $27.5 million for DMV kiosks-LINK
  • 08/16—RGJ- Nevada sage grouse hunting season will go as planned-LINK
  • 08/16—RGJ- Nevada first lady selected for national leadership academy-LINK
  • 08/16—RGJ- Sandoval will allow bear hunt to proceed as scheduled on Saturday-LINK
  • 08/16—AP- Nevada wild horses to help US patrol Mexican border-LINK
  • 08/16—Nevada News Bureau- $27.6 Million Contract Will Bring High Tech Kiosks To Grocery Stores For DMV Transactions-LINK
  • 08/16—Daily Sparks Tribune- Shared Services Committee receives key updates-LINK
  • 08/16—Daily Sparks Tribune- Sierra Fire issues layoff notices-LINK
  • 08/16—Daily Sparks Tribune- Who You Gonna Call?-LINK
  • 08/17—AP- Governors pledge to resolve disputes over Lake Tahoe-LINK
  • 08/17—RJ- Clark County commissioners OK pay cut for UMC workers-LINK
  • 08/17—RJ- North Las Vegas, police union reach deal-LINK
  • 08/17—RJ- Commissioners delay plan by Walters until next month-LINK
  • 08/17—RJ- Councilman’s foes say they can force recall vote-LINK
  • 08/17—RJ- Commissioners reject putting minority communities in specific districts-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- Email illustrates union’s campaign against NLV Council member-LINK
  • 08/17—RGJ- California, Nevada pledge Lake Tahoe cooperation amid political tensions, cash crunch-LINK
  • 08/17—Nevada Appeal- Brown: ‘Sharp differences’ exist regarding TRPA withdrawal bill-LINK
  • 08/17—Nevada News Bureau- Nevada Attorney General Still Analyzing County Refund Requests Totaling $123 Million-LINK
  • 08/17—Nevada News Bureau- Nevada’s First Lady Selected For Leadership Academy-LINK
  • 08/17—Elko Daily Free Press-Commissioners will work on natural resources policy-LINK


  • 08/14—RJ- Accreditation is a dream come true for Nevada State College-LINK
  • 08/16—RJ- Purge brings out CSN students desperate to find an open class-LINK
  • 08/16—RJ- Hispanics now largest student group in state-LINK
  • 08/16—LV Sun- Nevada State College now accredited-LINK
  • 08/16—RGJ- 40% of Washoe schools make Adequate Yearly Progress in No Child Left Behind-LINK
  • 08/17—RGJ- Washoe schools on progress watch list-LINK


  • 08/14—RJ- Community activist takes passion to solar industry-LINK
  • 08/16—RJ- Opposition to water plan runs deep at public forum-LINK
  • 08/16—RJ- Group promoting clean energy names president and CEO-LINK
  • 08/16—AP- New threats to Lake Tahoe are key issues of summit-LINK
  • 08/16—RGJ- Washoe County Sheriff’s crews begin cleanup of illegal dump sites-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- Lake Mead’s water level rises 30 feet after wet winter-LINK
  • 08/17—LV Sun- NLV gets $700,000 in grants for city hall solar energy use-LINK
  • 08/17—RGJ- National Geothermal Summit comes to Reno; tours visit Ormat plant-LINK
  • 08/17—AP- Las Vegas water import project even getting panned in Clark County-LINK
  • 08/17—RJ- Boulder City man misses fund-raising goal for booth at clean energy summit-LINK
  • 08/17—Nevada Appeal- Environmental restoration of Lake Tahoe may depend on private dollars-LINK
  • 08/17—Daily Sparks Tribune- Powering the future-LINK

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