Nevada Clips 8.21.11


  • LV Sun- Senators focused on who will control both chambers-LINK
  • LV Sun- Obama backers express frustration but are still committed-LINK
  • LV Sun- Heller, Berkley work to carve names into debt reduction supercommittee-LINK
  • Nevada News Bureau- In Case You Missed It: Political Blurbs-LINK


  • RJ- LETTER: Give water to urban centers, not farmers-LINK
  • RJ- EDITORIAL: County had little choice but to OK Rhodes project-LINK
  • RJ- SUPRYNOWICZ:’Timid in the face of new challenges’-LINK
  • RJ- COOK: UNLV professor’s divine buyout-LINK
  • LV Sun- COOLICAN: Lake Tahoe’s crystal clear water threatened-LINK
  • LV Sun- LETTER: Close loopholes in tax payments-LINK
  • LV Sun- LETTER: A better handle on Buffett’s taxes-LINK
  • LV Sun- NEAL SMATRESK: UNLV committed to being a community partner-LINK
  • LV Sun- EDITORIAL: Obama, Congress should use balanced approach to help create jobs-LINK
  • LV Sun- LETTER: Why is the United States above law?-LINK
  • RGJ- EDITORIAL: No Child Left Behind tests tell us something is wrong-LINK
  • RGJ- EDITORIAL: Redistricting still a challenge-LINK
  • RGJ- LETTER: Vote against ugliest, most outrageous ads-LINK
  • RGJ- LETTER: Gutless values, laws destroying country-LINK
  • RGJ- KATE MARSHALL: I’ll fight for the things that are important to Nevadans-LINK
  • RGJ- HELMUTH LEHMANN: I won’t accept ‘no’ when it comes to building a better future for Nevada-LINK
  • RGJ- FRANNY FORSMAN: District attorney’s Early Case Resolution program raises concerns-LINK


  • RJ- Conflicts force gaming panelists to exit many votes-LINK
  • RJ- Recession survivors passed stress test, bank leader says-LINK


  • RJ- WEEK IN REVIEW: Reporters’ notebook-LINK
  • LV Sun- Political retort amid contract debate raises eyebrows-LINK


  • Nevada Appeal- Available trout habitat may decline with climate change-LINK


  • RJ- Donor-funded scholarships help UNLV students-LINK

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