Nevada Clips 10.6.11


  • RJ- Supreme Court schedules redistricting hearing-LINK
  • RJ- Nevada Republicans set Jan. 14 caucus-LINK
  • RJ- SEBELIUS: Special session on redistricting?-LINK
  • RJ- SEBELIUS: Berkley says Heller is ‘standing with the Chinese’-LINK
  • RJ- Heller says China currency bill could provoke trade war-LINK
  • LV Sun- RALSTON: Sandoval raises $600,000 at event with Jeb Bush-LINK
  • LV Sun- RALSTON: Perry hires two staffers to oversee Nevada effort-LINK
  • LV Sun- RALSTON: Supreme Court indicates it will intervene in redistricting, resolve legal, political mess-LINK
  • LV Sun- RALSTON: Assembly Democrats send messages with tony MGM Resorts fundraiser-LINK
  • LV Sun- RALSTON: Jeb Bush: Romney’s economic plan is “good,” Republicans can’t just attack Obama; Sandoval: I still love Perry-LINK
  • LV Sun- Berkley, Heller spar over Chinese currency manipulation-LINK
  • LV Sun- Rick Perry walks tightrope on immigration issue-LINK
  • LV Sun- Nevada Republicans set presidential caucuses for Jan. 14-LINK
  • LV Sun- Legislative leaders consider resuming redistricting negotiations after Nevada Supreme Court order-LINK
  • RGJ- Nevada GOP 2012 presidential caucus set for Jan. 14-LINK
  • AP- Nevada Supreme Court sets redistricting hearing-LINK


  • LV Sun- Harry Reid sees millionaire tax as way to pay for jobs bill-LINK
  • RGJ- Fact Checker: What is Obama’s actual record on creating jobs?-LINK


  • RJ- LETTERS: Listen to the residents on downtown noise-LINK
  • RJ- EDITORIAL: Temporary reprieve-LINK
  • RJ- EDITORIAL: The redistricting train wreck-LINK
  • LV Sun- LETTER: Big corporations aren’t job creators-LINK
  • LV Sun- EDITORIAL: To spur state, officials need a wide view of economic development-LINK
  • RGJ- LETTER: Vote against digital, electronic nightmare-LINK
  • RGJ- LETTER: Excessive regulations hurt small businesses-LINK
  • RGJ- RANDI THOMPSON: We must stop the tidal wave of regulation-LINK
  • Nevada Appeal- Letters to the Editor Oct. 6-LINK
  • Reno News & Review- EDITORIAL: Conservative self-interest-LINK
  • Reno News & Review- Letters for October 6, 2011-LINK
  • Reno News & Review- Eat the rich or they’ll eat you-LINK


  • RJ- Hooters Hotel owners get chance to find financial savior-LINK
  • LV Sun- MGM Resorts pinning growth on Asia, emerging technology-LINK
  • LV Sun- Shared office space a growing trend for the self-employed-LINK
  • LV Sun- COOLICAN: Finally, the 99 percent has had enough-LINK
  • LV Sun- Commercial real estate report suggests conditions have stabilized-LINK
  • LV Sun- Hooters casino wins victories in legal battle against creditor-LINK
  • RGJ- Atlantis owners buy more land next to Colorado casino they bought last week-LINK
  • AP- Casinos focus on upping amenities, not gambling-LINK
  • Reno News & Review- Toxic casinos-LINK


  • RJ- Council ratifies revisions to Las Vegas firefighters contract-LINK
  • RJ- Council approves $36.5 million bond issue for fire equipment, sidewalks and other projects-LINK
  • RJ- MORRISON: When the issue is serving travelers, the higher bid wins out-LINK
  • LV Sun- Sandoval pressing on with Florida-style reforms-LINK
  • LV Sun- Henderson raising its water and sewer rates again-LINK
  • RGJ- Prescription drug roundup collects 268K pills in Reno-Sparks-LINK
  • AP- Tribe battles BLM over Nevada gold mine in US court-LINK
  • RGJ- Steve Jobs’ biological father, who lives in Reno, declines to comment on estranged son’s death-LINK
  • AP- Nevada DMV launches new iPhone app-LINK
  • AP- Gov. Sandoval wants to promote charter schools and end social promotion of students-LINK
  • Tahoe Bonanza- Local districts mull how to help pay back 8,700 property owners-LINK
  • Elko Daily Free Press- Great Basin Water Forum to discuss protecting rurals-LINK
  • Reno News & Review- Publicly funded agencies navigate the intrigues of interest groups-LINK


  • RJ- Nevada State College president leaving for Colorado post-LINK
  • RJ- School Board rejects year-round option despite crowding-LINK
  • RGJ- Switching schools in Washoe not an easy task-LINK
  • Nevada Appeal- Mayor accompanies Fritsch students to school-LINK


  • RJ- Water authority calls on Owens Valley ecologist for pipeline testimony-LINK


  • RJ- Lawyers in hepatitis trial blame three firms, ask jury to award $25 million in damages-LINK

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