Nevada Clips 10.12.11


  • RJ- Bipartisan lawyers continue arguing about Hispanic districts-LINK
  • RJ- SEBELIUS: Cain: The new Sharron Angle?-LINK
  • RJ- SEBELIUS: Thus saith the Lord: Run for president!-LINK
  • LV Sun- RALSTON: End of the redistricting mess is nigh?-LINK
  • LV Sun- Candidates pile on Mitt Romney at GOP presidential debate-LINK
  • LV Sun- Sandoval says he won’t call special session for redistricting-LINK
  • AP- Nevada GOP regroups after caucus date change-LINK
  • Nevada Appeal- Special master suggests parties in redistricting battle work it out-LINK
  • AP- Redistricting debate returns to Carson City-LINK
  • Nevada News Bureau- Special Masters Begin Work On Drawing New Nevada Political Boundaries-LINK
  • Pahrump Valley Times- Wichman running for reelection in 2012-LINK


  • RJ- Reid says school funds, veterans aid most worth saving from jobs bill-LINK
  • LV Sun- Obama jobs bill stalls in the Senate-LINK
  • AP- Senate Republicans vote to kill Obama’s jobs bill-LINK


  • RJ- LETTERS: New cellphone law hardly an imposition-LINK
  • RJ- EDITORIAL: Why does Washington need more real estate?-LINK
  • RJ- EDITORIAL: Tuition split-LINK
  • RJ- A Message from Mayor Carolyn Goodman-LINK
  • LV Sun- LETTER: U.S. may be headed for a caste system-LINK
  • LV Sun- SEN. REID: A return to order in the Senate-LINK
  • LV Sun- LETTER: SNWA’s water plan is short-sighted-LINK
  • LV Sun- EDITORIAL: Is Occupy Wall Street a Main Street movement?-LINK
  • RGJ- EDITORIAL: Court was wrong to go where our lawmakers fear to tread-LINK
  • RGJ- LETTER: Riders should share taxpayers’ burden-LINK
  • RGJ- LETTER: Don’t make this state an appendage of California-LINK
  • RGJ- LETTER: County can change its policies and procedures-LINK
  • Nevada Appeal- LORI SCHAEFER: Fresh Ideas: Hungry kids can’t wait-LINK
  • Tahoe Bonanza- DAVID VOMUND: Recession? Not now. Volatility? Oh well…-LINK
  • Tahoe Bonanza- LETTER: Aaron Katz is doing good things for the community-LINK
  • Tahoe Bonanza- LETTER: How about this for a tax refund option-LINK
  • Tahoe Bonanza- LETTER: Unions and the Tea Party equal oil and water-LINK


  • RJ- MGM Resorts plans Bellagio, MGM Grand hotels in Mumbai, India-LINK
  • RJ- Nevada gaming revenues decline 6.1 percent in August-LINK
  • RJ- August visitor volume climbs 2.8 percent-LINK
  • RJ- Tropicana president, COO resigns-LINK
  • RJ- Downtown Las Vegas gets new motto-LINK
  • RJ- Las Vegas’ credit score among lowest in U.S., Experian says-LINK
  • RJ- Appellate court affirms patent infringement ruling-LINK
  • LV Sun- Nevada securities regulators move against Las Vegas company-LINK
  • LV Sun- Realtors: Las Vegas home prices off 8.6 percent from September 2010-LINK
  • LV Sun- MGM Hospitality signs deals for 3 hotels in India-LINK
  • LV Sun- Las Vegas takes lead in luring foreign business travelers-LINK
  • LV Sun- MGM Grand begins $160 million hotel renovation-LINK
  • LV Sun- Reports on Las Vegas office, retail sectors offer mixed views-LINK
  • LV Sun- Righthaven appeals for right to file copyright suits over Denver Post material-LINK
  • RGJ- 3,900 seasonal jobs expected for holidays-LINK
  • RGJ- Gas prices down 13 cents in Reno/Sparks this month-LINK
  • Nevada Appeal- U.S. backs $2.5M in local business loans-LINK
  • Lahontan Valley News- Churchill sees big improvement in August gaming-LINK
  • Tahoe Bonanza- Public meetings on tap for proposed Homewood ski resort redevelopment-LINK
  • Nevada News Bureau- Nevada Officials Told High Speed Rail Between Las Vegas And Southern California On Track For Construction In 2012-LINK
  • Pahrump Valley Times- Report outlines tourism options-LINK


  • LV Sun- North Las Vegas signs pact to save energy, money-LINK
  • LV Sun- Nonprofit board briefed on $50 million investment-LINK
  • LV Sun- Nevada nursing homes to get $907,888 refund from state-LINK
  • LV Sun- By law, public not entitled to hear dealings of Legislature-LINK
  • LV Sun- Fatal accident solidifies senator’s drive for safety-LINK
  • RGJ- Washoe commission settles on district boundaries-LINK
  • RGJ- Washoe County digest: Neighborhood services department, reseeding-LINK
  • RGJ- Nevada gets new supervisor for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-LINK
  • Nevada Appeal- Board limits state workers-LINK
  • Lahontan Valley News- Bids to open soon for TCID construction-LINK
  • Elko Daily Free Press- DA forwards undersheriff records to state-LINK


  • RGJ- Washoe schools vote to seek proposals for advertising revenue-LINK
  • RGJ- Leaders: economy dictates different skill set for next UNR president-LINK
  • Lahontan Valley News- Trustees vote to extend CCSD’s superintendent’s contract-LINK
  • Lahontan Valley News- School Board wrap-up-LINK
  • Elko Daily Free Press- School board to look at class size reduction plan-LINK
  • Elko Daily Free Press- School district prepares anti-bullying program-LINK


  • RJ- NV Energy rate request yields consumer rage-LINK
  • Pahrump Valley Times- Solar Millennium acquired by German PV company-LINK
  • Pahrump Valley Times- VEA saw explosive growth in 48 yearsPART ONE-LINK


  • RJ- Panelist describes health care reform as question of time, money, the unknown-LINK
  • Pahrump Valley Times- Canyon Gate acquired by HealthCare Partners-LINK



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