Nevada Clips 10.17.11


  • RJ- Reid: Hispanics playing bigger political role in Nevada, West-LINK
  • RJ- SEBELIUS: An election message?-LINK
  • RJ- SEBELIUS: Bloom off tea party rose?-LINK
  • LV Sun- No one in the Republican field is talking about the housing crisis-LINK
  • LV Sun- COOLICAN: National media here for the debate should look into the big story-LINK
  • LV Sun- In politics, top executives at R&R Partners wear different stripes-LINK


  • RJ- LETTERS: Someone is certainly living in ‘La-La Land’-LINK
  • RJ- EDITORIAL: A generous gift-LINK
  • LV Sun- EDITORIAL: Occupy Wall Street demonstrations a good use of the Bill of Rights-LINK
  • LV Sun- LETTER: Solar projects not showing value-LINK
  • LV Sun- LETTERS: It’s awful — or maybe it’s not…-LINK


  • RJ- Nevada’s mining industry gets face-lift in ad blitz-LINK
  • RJ- Chamber of Commerce executives express frustration with D.C. trip-LINK
  • LV Sun- Could eclipse be a ray of light for Nevada tourism?-LINK
  • Nevada News Bureau- Halloween Spending Trend Should Help Nevada Retailers-LINK


  • AP- Elko County officials seek hearing on Forest Service’s travel management plan-LINK
  • AP- Team of experts to begin wild horse study in Reno-LINK
  • LV Sun- Pat Mulroy always gets an audience’s attention-LINK
  • LV Sun- North Las Vegas park on track to play ball again-LINK
  • LV Sun- Righthaven facing fraudulent transfer claim-LINK
  • Nevada Appeal- Gov. Sandoval among GOP’s Hispanic stars-LINK



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