Nevada Veterans Council Being Formed

Nevada veterans are invited to participate in an upcoming round table discussion with President Obama. Those who are selected will serve as a member of the Nevada Veterans Council and be able to address any subject such as: Homeland Security; Defense; TRICARE, V.A., Medicare, Education; Housing…any subject concerning our Troops, Veterans or Military Families. This opportunity is open to all Honorably Discharged Veterans and Military Families currently residing in Nevada (and registered to vote in any Nevada County). If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to become a member, please email or call the following information to Johnathan Abbinett:

 Name: (Last Name, First Name, M.I.)
 Primary Telephone Number:
 Secondary Telephone Number:
 E-Mail Address:
 Postal Address:
 Branch of Service:
 Entry Date: (Month/Year)
 ETS Date: (Month/Year)
 Discharge Status: (Honorable/Retired/Disabled)
 Send to:
 Johnathan L. Abbinett, Chair
 Nevada Veterans & Military Families Council
 Phone: (702) 220-9303

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