Nevada Clips 10.27.11


  • RJ- Amodei endorses Romney for GOP nomination-LINK
  • RJ- Battle lines harden in new Berkley-Heller poll-LINK
  • RJ- Heller upsets Latin Chamber of Commerce by canceling Vegas meeting-LINK
  • LV Sun- Poll suggests Berkley has closed gap in Senate race-LINK
  • LV Sun- Gingrich the sole GOP candidate to favor government action on mortgages-LINK
  • LV Sun- Early endorsement of Perry may sting Sandoval-LINK
  • LV Sun- RALSTON: PACs hedging bets in Heller-Berkley Senate race-LINK
  • RGJ- Occupy Reno organizers preparing to set up camp-LINK
  • RGJ- Fact Checker: Do newspapers endorse Democrats or Republicans more for president?-LINK
  • Elko Daily Free Press- Rural legislators protest redistricting plan-LINK
  • Nevada News Bureau- Wednesday Political Round-Up-LINK
  • Reno News & Review- Forced back: Nevada’s GOP picked a fight it couldn’t win-LINK


  • RJ- Amodei joins natural resources committee in House-LINK
  • RJ- Is Reid Obama’s last true friend in Congress?-LINK
  • RGJ- It’s finally set: Here’s the rundown on U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei’s staff-LINK
  • Nevada News Bureau- Nevada Rep. Mark Amodei Named To House Natural Resources Committee-LINK


  • RJ- LETTERS: Patriot Act hasn’t made us safer from terror-LINK
  • RJ- EDITORIAL: Redistricting hearing-LINK
  • RJ- EDITORIAL: Death of a subsidy?-LINK
  • LV Sun- LETTER: Cain’s 9-9-9 has a dangerous price-LINK
  • LV Sun- LETTER: Congress shirks its responsibilities-LINK
  • LV Sun- LETTER: Private sector is not ‘doing just fine’-LINK
  • RGJ- EDITORIAL: Candidates need reminder that Nevada is important-LINK
  • RGJ- LETTER: Election demonstrated politicians’ hypocrisy-LINK
  • RGJ- LETTER: Canceled reading program hurts kids-LINK
  • Nevada Appeal- BOB THOMAS: Recessions are one of capitalism’s costs-LINK
  • Reno News & Review- EDITORIAL: Punish hijackers-LINK
  • Reno News & Review- Letters for October 27, 2011-LINK
  • Reno News & Review- SEAN CAREY: The GOP’s angry birds-LINK
  • Reno News & Review- CASEY O’LEARY: They kill wild horses, don’t they?-LINK


  • RJ- Cantor Gaming releases app for Android-LINK
  • RJ- Sales tax summary: Buying is up, building is down-LINK
  • RJ- Bally Technologies boosts quarterly profits-LINK
  • RJ- Fertitta Interactive acquires online gaming software provider-LINK
  • RJ- Allegiant Travel sees 27.9 percent drop in quarterly profits-LINK
  • RJ- Seasonal retail hiring in valley likely won’t surpass 2010-LINK
  • RJ- Lady Luck to be remade into Downtown Grand-LINK
  • LV Sun- Allegiant reports 17 percent increase in revenue for third quarter-LINK
  • LV Sun- Bally profit off slightly, revenue increases-LINK
  • LV Sun- August taxable sales up in Clark County, statewide-LINK
  • RGJ- Pinnacle Entertainment in discussions to purchase Boomtown-LINK
  • Nevada Appeal- August sales tax numbers up; Carson sees huge jump from one-time audit-LINK
  • Elko Daily Free Press- Elko County taxable sales increase by 28 percent in August-LINK
  • Daily Sparks Tribune- Taxable sales in Nevada up 5.7% in August-LINK
  • Nevada News Bureau- Nevada Taxable Sales Show Gains In August-LINK


  • RJ- Las Vegas police officially open new home-LINK
  • LV Sun- LV chamber officer Steve Hill high on list for state economic development board-LINK
  • LV Sun- Proposed DesertXpress high-speed rail line chugging along-LINK
  • LV Sun- Legislative open record policy under attack-LINK
  • RGJ- Home Ownership bus tour hits Reno on Thursday-LINK
  • RGJ- Washoe Democrats to honor four at dinner Friday; L.A. mayor to be keynote speaker-LINK
  • Nevada Appeal- Assemblyman, ACLU want new rule on public-records access changed-LINK
  • Nevada News Bureau- Legislative Panel Agrees To Review New Public Records Policy-LINK
  • Reno News & Review- Doubt surrounds Nevada money-LINK
  • Reno News & Review- Planner debates-LINK



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