Nevada Clips 11.7.11


  • RJ – POLITICAL EYE: GOP sees opportunity in 4th district – LINK
  • RJ – Husband of state Sen. Halseth files for divorce – LINK
  • LV Sun – Ron Paul’s message of fiscal restraint may fall flat in recession-weary Nevada – LINK


  • RGJ – Wilderness bill for scenic Nevada range introduced – LINK


  • RJ- Berkley: GOP wants to hurt seniors while massaging Big Oil, China – LINK
  • RJ – Cost containment – LINK
  • RJ – Letter: Game-playing doesn’t help the housing market – LINK
  • LV Sun – Letter: Cuts in military benefits shameful – LINK
  • LV Sun – Letter: BofA fallout offers us a lesson – LINK


  • LV Sun – Brand USA campaign unveiled – LINK
  • AP – U.S. wealth gap between young and old is widest ever – LINK
  • LV Sun – How one high-tech company that you don’t know about can help Las Vegas diversify – LINK


  • RJ- Apartment plans near The District draw fire – LINK


  • RJ – Mining claim markers blamed for thousands of bird deaths – LINK
  • Elko Daily Free Press – BLM reports on wild horse eco-sanctuary – LINK


  • RJ – Take a Fresh Look at outsourcing community college classes – LINK
  • RJ – UNLV feeling cutback pains through loss of programs – LINK
  • LV Sun – School District enlists Metro in its aggressive effort to stop bullying – LINK
  • RGJ – Thousands search for opportunities at UNR College Fair – LINK

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