A Message from Douglas County Democrats Chair

I’m excited about the future for the first time in a long time.  There is a lot of work to do but people are waking up.  Let’s help shake them out of the fog.

We did it.  We all had a part of defeating SB5 in Ohio.  They could not have done it alone without organized labor from around America.  If you know a union member tell them thank you!  You also helped to defeat the Personhood referendum in Mississippi.  Do not think for one minute they could have done it by themselves.  Things change when it’s necessary.  People come together when the balance is so out of whack and the folks in charge turn there back on the people, lots of people.

These are just two examples of why the Caucuses are so important.  This is the year to strengthen and focus the Democratic Platform for Nevada and the nation.  What ever your political hot button (collective bargaining, voter fraud, voter registration, defining personhood-corporations and embryos, corporate welfare, wars, water rights, jobs, healthcare, education…) the caucus is where you can have a strong voice.

If you want to carry your voice all the way to the Democratic National Convention by serving as a delegate at the County, State and National Conventions…the process starts at the Precinct Caucuses.

Douglas County Democrats are planning five Caucus Trainings before the January 21, 2012 caucuses.  When dates are firm we’ll spread the word.  Watch your email or check the website douglasdems.org.

Please mark your calendar for December 8, 2011-the date of the 4th Annual Douglas Democrats Holiday Celebration at Carson Valley Inn.  Bring a first time friend and have an exclusive chance to win a special door prize.  From 6p to 8:30p there will great company, good food, conversation, prizes and a raffle.  Please RSVP to Katherine Winans at 775.267.0539 or jkw@gbis.com

Hope you can bring your ideas and concerns to the November 17 Central Committee Meeting – Social at 6:30 meeting starts at 7:00.  Nancy Stiles, DCDCC Program Chair, will report on last month’s Project New West-the 2011 Western Summit Conference held in Las Vegas.

In solidarity — Cindy Trigg, Chair DCDCC 


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