Nevada Clips 12.4.11


  • RJ – Sebelius: Flipping hypocrisy – LINK
  • LV Sun – Conflicts of interest not uncommon – LINK
  • LV Sun – Ralston: A modest proposal to fix the Legislature – LINK


  • RJ – WASHINGTON DIGEST: Vote aims to end funding of presidential campaigns – LINK
  • LV Sun – Public financing of presidential campaigns becomes divisive – LINK
  • Nevada Appeal – Sen. Harry Reid: Failure to pass payroll tax cut raises questions about Senate rules – LINK


  • RJ – FBI should collect data on police shootings – LINK
  • RJ – Lake Tahoe pact – LINK
  • RJ – Letter: Shedding light on local police shootings – LINK
  • RJ – ‘B’ corporations: Will Nevada be left behind? – LINK
  • RJ – The state of Las Vegas tourism – LINK
  • LV Sun – Killing Yucca Mountain would be a real gift – LINK
  • LV Sun – Las Vegas shows signs of rebounding and still has a bright future – LINK
  • LV Sun – Comments reveal the real Gingrich – LINK
  • LV Sun – DesertXpress is, at least, a start – LINK
  • LV Sun – Letter: Inaction will hurt future Americans – LINK
  • RGJ – Editorial: Homeless children’s futures are in the community’s hands – LINK
  • Nevada Appeal – Sen. Reid: Sen. Harry Reid: Efforts to help troops, veterans must continue – LINK


  • RJ – Caesars ready to seize chances – LINK
  • AP – Is Nevada recovering? Depends on who you ask – LINK


  • RJ – Elected officials see need for changes in handling of police shootings – LINK
  • AP – NTSB plans hearing in Washington on safety of air shows, races – LINK
  • LV Sun – Lack of signatures dooms effort to recall North Las Vegas mayor – LINK
  • RGJ – Guy Rocha: ‘Most dangerous’ woman lectured in Reno in 1910 – LINK
  • RGJ – Officials reconsider Nevada animal abuse law’s secrecy clause – LINK


  • Nevada News Bureau – Nevada Cites Concerns With Transport Of Hazardous Waste In Response To Draft Plan For Former Test Site – LINK


  • RJ – Regents vote to close debt-ridden UNR fire academy – LINK

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