Douglas Dems News Draft

September’s Douglas Democrats Meeting

Prepares for Elaine Hurd of Let’s Talk Nevada

Hurd 2a

Elaine and Her Entourage Join Kimi Cole to Record the Moment

Hurd 4a

 Rural voices DO matter!

Elaine Hurd, publisher of progressive online forum, Let’s Talk Nevada, and some of her dedicated writing team, visited from Mesquite, sharing their story of becoming a powerful voice for rural Nevadans. The forum is open and folks are encouraged to submit articles for consideration. If you have something to say, let yourself be heard! For more information, contact Elaine Hurd: or Douglas Chair Kimi Cole:

 Lyon County Democrats Meet

Lyon_Dems_1Kimi Cole lines up a shot of the Lyon County Dems and gets a selfie in the process.

Lyon_Dems_2Back in the discussion, Kimi listens to John Harris as he orchestrates the Lyon County meeting.

Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus Chair, Nyla Howell, 1st Vice Chair, Larry Ratcliffe, and Douglas Democrats Chair, Kimi Cole recently joined Lyon County Democrats at their monthly meeting. Lyon Democrats Chair, John Harris, led the meeting as they discussed plans for the magnificent, upcoming, First In The West Rural Blue Dinner, to be held January 9, 2016, at the Carson Valley Inn, as well as preparations for the Nevada presidential caucuses that will be happening February 20, 2016.

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About kimimcole

Since being diagnosed with gender dysphoria in 2009, Kimi considers transition the amazing journey of a lifetime, rather than a singular ultimate destination that may someday be reached. With a profound understanding of the challenges and struggles that existed secretly for over 55 years, she decided the most effective application of her life’s experiences would be to share those learned lessons with others and to educate the public regarding the very real existence of the transgender community. Ms. Cole has developed profound insights based on viewing the world through the unique lens of actively living while being perceived as male, then later identifying and being perceived as female. Working actively with numerous organizations, Kimi has experience presenting to educators, medical professionals and community service groups. She works with legislators and advocacy groups, seeking LGBT-positive improvements in areas of fair and equal treatment. Kimi will be a featured speaker at the first TEDxCarsonCity event in spring 2016. Her goal is to proactively continue raising positive awareness of ALL diversity communities, in order that everyone, regardless of their background, can enjoy full equality and the ability to peacefully coexist in society.

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