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Get Out and Vote for Kate!

We need to do everything we can to help Kate Marshall win her special Congressional election for NV-CD2 on Tuesday, September 13th.

Kate is someone we can count on to stand up for middle-class families in Congress — and fight against the reckless, hard-right Republican policies that seek to reduce the deficit on the backs of working families and seniors, while protecting tax subsidies for Big Oil companies.

But she’s locked in a tough special election battle right now, and her opponent is lining up lots of big-time Republican support.

A victory here, in NV-CD2, a seat which has never yet been held by a Democrat, will also be vital to preserving Medicare and Social Security from hard-right House Republican attempts to destroy those programs as we know them.  Winning this special election for Democrats will send a powerful message to pundits and political insiders in Washington — not to mention Republicans across the country.

As Democrats in Congress work to close tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas, preserve and protect Medicare, and reform our government so it works more efficiently and effectively for everyone, we need a leader like Kate fighting for us.

You still have time to ‘early vote’ today or tomorrow.  After early voting ends, you last chance to help us elect Kate will be on Tuesday, September 13th.  That means we only have a small window to make a difference for Kate Marshall — and it’s getting smaller every minute.  If you haven’t voted already … make every possible effort to get out there and VOTE!

Oh … and one last request from the campaign … “Can you help Kate by making a contribution of $10, $25 or more to help kickoff Get Out the Vote (GOTV) weekend?”